Social Work & NGO

VISWA - Volunteers' Initiative for Socially Weak & Abandoned

VISWA is an initiative taken by few volunteers to uplift human life and humaity in all. VISWA is eager to do this by addressing various social issues like child labour, women empowerment, relief projects for lives remained after disasters [...]

Gas & Petrochemicals

Krishna Petroleum- A Unit of Essar Petrochemical Group

Krishna Petroleum is a unit of Essar Petrochemical Group located in a close amenity to the city Baria located on national highway and thus appropriate location for city people and daily passers through highway for fulfilling their vehicles' fuel needs.

Farming & Agriculture

Krishna Farming & Agricultures

Krishna Farming & Agricultures is working on one of the world's biggest challenges - how to ensure food security for a growing population in a sustainable way by helping farmers produce larger harvests, by ensuring a seamless connection between farmers and customers and among regions, and by producing high-quality products ranging from animal feed to consumer foods to renewable fuels.

Real Estates, Construction & Developers

Krishna Constructions & Developers

Krishna Constructions & Developers is a full-service construction management and general contracting firm that offers comprehensive, value-added services to create an environment that minimizes risk and maximizes returns for our customers - allowing projects to be delivered on time and on budget, with no surprises. Our collaborative project approach sets the standard for communication with our customers to provide client-driven solutions and satisfaction.

IT Consulting & Services

Backk Bencherss Technology Private Limited

Backk Bencherss Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a banglore based IT consulting company, one which combines classic management consulting with outstanding technological expertise. This approach of thinking in terms of these two areas simultaneously will determine the future performance of every company.

Media & Advertising

Boosters Advertising & Marketing

Boosters Advertising & Marketing has one mission: To generate demand for your product or service. Sound over-simplified? Maybe, but, maybe not. It's easy to find advertising that’s flashy but lacks strategy, or, conversely, a campaign that demonstrates solid strategy that is weakened by mediocre campaign activities. We recognise the challenges that our constantly evolving media climate presents to marketing managers. We won’t let you throw all your budget into one channel that limits your audience – we will help you to understand every option. From a local radio campaign, a national outdoor advertising campaign, to managing your social networking, we will calculate the best standalone format, or mixture of media to achieve the objectives of your brief.


Pt. Ram Krishna Dwivedi
Chairman - Disciplinary Committee
Uttar Pradseh Congress

Feeling very proud while handing over this Letter of Commendation to Piyush Mishra for his courageous role in parade of sieging state assembly against state government anti-people policies. [View Letter of Commendation]

Dr. Nirmal Khatri
Ex MLA & President
Uttar Pradseh Congress Committee

Glad to inform you that you've been selected as State General Secretary Social Media, Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee. Hope that you'll help in strengthening hands of our respected President Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Vice-President Mr. Rahul Gandhi. [View Appointment Letter]

Mr. Dhan Bahadur Oli
Director SAARC
SAARC Secretariat, Kathmandu, Nepal

Glad to appoint Mr. Piyush Mishra as a Rapporteur in Poverty Alleviation Symposium at SAARC Secretariat Kathmandu.

Political Profile

State General Secretary Social Media, Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee
[Since July 2015]

State Secretary, MNREGA Monitoring Committee - Uttar Pradesh Congress
[July 2010 - June 2015]

Divisional Chairman, MNREGA Monitoring Committee - Uttar Pradesh Congress
[Since November 2012]

District Chairman - Ballia, National Agriculture Development Schemes
[Since Octber 2011]

General Secretary, Jan Kalyan Sangharsh Morcha - Ballia, Uttar Pradesh
[Since 2012]

Senior District Vice President - Ballia, Bairia & Bansdih
MNREGA Monitoring Committee - Uttar Pradesh Congress
[October 2009 - July 2012]

District Chairman - Ballia, National Horticulture Mission Development
[Since 2011]

District Observer - Deoria, Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee
[August 2011]

District Co-ordinator – Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee
[March 2010]